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A useful tool for starting PCAP in your area is to gather sympathizers and friends together in the form of a study circle. The study circle is divided into 9 themes.  Each theme contains a collection of the writings of P.R. Sarkar. A series of study circle questions follow each theme section so as to facilitate discussion and sharing. PCAP Study Circle
Four Powerpoint presentations are also available with fun quizzes to educate and entertain your group or the general public: Neohumanism and the Consumer Culture with an Eco Quiz; Vegetarianism and Sustainability with a Vegetarian Quiz. We All Laugh in the Same Language and PCAP slideshow are also useful tools to promote PCAP in your local area.
The objectives of PCAP are so broad that they cover a large spectrum of environmental issues. It is difficult to list resources on the hundreds of different organizations working in various aspects of environmental care, animal and plant rights, etc.
Nevertheless we are listing some resources here that may help you to get started. Many of these resources offer further links so you can find exactly what you are looking for. The links are divided according to general category.
PCAP websites
PCAP Croatia
PCAP Portland's website

Animal Rights
PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: www.peta.org
Wildlife Conservation Society: www.wcs.org
World Wildlife Foundation: www.panda.org
HerbWeb Animal Rights Resources: www.hedweb.com/hedweb2.htm
Animals Asia:

Plant Rights, Rainforests, etc.
Rainforest Action Network:
Forest Conservation Portal:
The Rainforest Site:

Vegetarian Times:
Vegetarian Resources Group: www.vrg.org
Happy Cow: www.happycow.net: largest database of vegetarian restaurants and health food stores around the world.

Organic Farming, Soil Conservation
ATTRA: National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: www.attra.ncat.org
IDEP Foundation: www.idepfoundation.org
Alternative Farming Systems Information: www.nal.usda.gov/afsic

General Environmental Issues
Center for Biological Diversity: www.sw-center.org/swcbd
Earth Trends:
Environmental and Social Justice Organizations:
World Conservation Union: www.iucn.org
Conservation International:
UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program):
Earth Trust:
www.earthtrust.org  (global innovators for conservation of wildlife and the environment)
National Geographic Magazine:
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