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PCAP Tours in Korea and Cebu:

PCAP activists organized public programs for the PCAP Global Coordinator in Korea in April and in Cebu, Philippines
in May to raise public awareness about how PCAP is tackling global ecological issues through its Total Ecology

In Korea public lectures in Busan, Seoul, Jeonju, Incheon, Anyong and Seosan attracted more than 280 people. The
PCAP in-charge for Far East Asia is following up this tour with efforts to begin PCAP study circles in the above
named places.

Some Attendees at PCAP's presentation in Busan, Korea

Following three public lectures, and interviews on TV, newspaper and the radio, PCAP conducted a 2 day Total
Ecology Workshop in Cebu, Philippines. The workshop concluded with a planning session that resulted in several
local issues being targeted for PCAP activities with the new PCAP unit there.

Group Discussion for PCAP activities in Cebu, Philippines

PCAP at Eco Fairs:

PCAP Singapore participated in the Ecogreen and Inner Green Lifestyle Fair in Singapore from April 11-12 and
distributed PCAP t-shirts, leaflets and promotional material to the hundreds attending the Fair.

A similar Fair in Adelaide, Australia in mid-April saw PCAP activists promoting the advantages of the vegetarian
diet as related to climate change.

PCAP partners in Portland, USA attended the Activist Round up event in January and attracted many people to support
their Animal Sanctuary through their photo display and leafleting.

Ghana Nursery:
PCAP partners in Mafi-Zongo village, Ghana have started a nursery in preparation for transplanting the trees in the
catchment area of the Mafi-Zongo dam which serves drinking water to 26 villages of the area.

A partial view of the catchment area of the Mafi-Zongo Dam, Ghana.



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